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The secret behind the success of Atlas Schools lies behind our du discipline. Our function as than to impart academic knowledge, it is to provide the life skills and encourage the qualities that will assist each student to make the transition from dependence to independence, from child to young adults.

In a broad sense, Atlas is about creating a community to which each feels a sense of belonging, knowledge that as a value a of that community they will encouragement, guidance and support.

With this aim the school ha measures of employing a behaviour therapist who is specialised in discipline management at University level.

He heads the discipline department on both campuses. These departments set rules that are displayed prominently in every classroom and work tirelessly to ensure that all students adhere to them.

Staff use a variety of sanctions in order to ensure a disciplined environment in their classrooms. These rules nurture each student’s personal, social and academic well-being.

The department is not about punishing the students. It is about building trust, mutual respect and empathy with the students.
It is about taking the time to talk with children, and to listen to them. It is about treating students as individuals and understanding the issues that affect them inside and outside of school.