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Atlas Schools are located at Ubungo Kisiwani for the Atlas Ubungo Campus and Mivumoni Madale for the Atlas Madale Campus both in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania.

Atlas Schools provide nursery, primary and secondary education to both girls and boys.

Nursery School

The seeds of academic success are sown early. The Nursery School provides a fun, challenging, enriched educational experience for nursery pupils. Specialist teachers in physical education, and core curriculum areas provide instruction, guidance and support.
Instruction in the nursery section is based on the national curriculum and is enriched in all areas with an expanded range of activities, speakers, outings, and assignments that broaden pupils learning in significant ways.
Classrooms here are not quiet, static places, but are filled with children actively involved in learning and exploring. Discussion, involvement and experiential hands-on learning are all encouraged. Field trips and guest speakers inspire and promote cross curricular and cross-grade activities. These outings and activities are integrated with classroom learning and the curriculum, creating a rich learning experience.

Teachers know that learning is a process and that children learn in different ways and at different rates. Our dedicated teachers strive to see the best in students, building on their strengths and supporting them.

Primary School

Atlas Secondary

Atlas Secondary is a newly established school. Our hardworking staff are ready to ensure that children are given the very best opportunities.

We offer excellent academic standards which are achieved through the provision of a challenging academic curriculum and talented staff who encourage an enthusiasm for learning, intellectual curiosity and creativity. This allows our young men and women to thrive in a relaxed and happy environment where they are respected as individuals to fulfil their unique potentials.