Atlas Schools
School Mission

To be the neighbourhood of choice and a centre of creativity in child education irrespective of race, sex or religion.

Atlas School is an institution where quality means multi-faceted concepts that encompass:

  1. Quality education that receives attention through effective teaching approach methods.
  2. Active learning and equitable access.
  3. Effective assessment which is self-based by all service providers and the learners.
  4. School based in service training.
Aims and Objectives
  • To guide and promote the development and improvement of the child's personality.
  • To promote the acquisition and appreciation of culture customs and traditions that are positive to education.
  • To develop and promote self confidence and inquiring minds, understanding and respect for readiness to work hard for self advancement and national development.

Responsible Freedom

  Atlas Community

Atlas Community is dynamic and ever evolving. We strive to provide our young men and women with a contemporary and holistic education without losing sight of our core values based on the best teaching practices in an environment where each student values and enjoys learning.

Academic Excellence

At Atlas, we are proud of our results and we strive to go an extra mile, offering a wide range of performing arts and science programmes as well as academic subjects.


The school abides by the national curriculum, ensuring that all requirements are met and students are facilitated to surpass them.

The curriculum is supplemented with extra-curricular activities that aim at bridging classroom and real life experience, in so doing helping students to explore their potential and realize them as rounded persons.

Our school has experienced specialist teachers who assist students to learn as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Values

We proudly stand for learning, caring for one another and discipline which is based on reciprocal respect.

We are a school with an excellent tradition and reputation for students's success.
We foster high academic standards and we nurture the abilities of each student. We work with each person to develop meaningful pathways to the future.

Our Schools

Atlas Schools are located at Ubungo Kisiwani for the Atlas Ubungo Campus and Mivumoni Madale for the Atlas Madale Campus both in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania.

Atlas Schools provide nursery, primary and secondary education to both girls and boys.

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Motivational Awards

Atlas offers Awards for Excellence in teaching. These awards recognize an exceptional teacher who has served as a role model and mentor to their students, instilled a love of learning and inspired academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education.

A great number of awards which include

  • vehicles,
  • land and
  • cash

are offered. These awards are made annually.


Hard working students are awarded:

  • Free education
  • Certificates
  • Laptops
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